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Personal Injury Attorneys And Doctors

September 18, 2019 | By | In: Medical Records, Personal Injury, Personal Injury Attorneys, Personal Injury Doctors

Personal Injury Doctor MEDICAL RECORDS

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, then you would need to start a personal injury lawyer that will best represent you. To help your attorney fight for you, you will need well documented medical records, doctor’s notes and medical bills. These are just a few items necessary to win your case.

Your attorney will want to know if you are undergoing treatment for your injuries. Why? Well a simple explanation — your injured. Your attorney will guide you through the legal issues of your case and your doctor will guide you through the treatment & recovery after an accident. Both your attorney and doctor are crucial to you personal injury claim.

Personal injury attorneys require medical records, surgery reports, EMG/NCS diagnostic reports, MRI’s and CT-SCANS. In personal injury cases not just any doctor will do. Specialty doctors that treat car accident injuries may be beneficial to a personal injury claim. Pain & injury doctors that are familiar injuries from traumatic incidents.

No personal injury claim is not a slam dunk deal. You attorney will require your doctor to provide reports on everything from appointment records, muscle relaxants, pain medicine, anti-inflammatories, and physical therapy, diagnostic testing such as MRI’s and nerve conduction studies.


Looking for a Personal Injury DoctoR

You need a personal injury doctor who is familiar with treatment injuries from motor vehicle collision. One that understands what type of symptoms to look for. One such doctor is Dr. Michael Monfett, MD a physical medicine & rehabilitation specialist in New York, NY.

“Injured in an accident? If you or a family member, friend or co-worker, has been involved in an auto accident, getting in to see a pain management physician is crucial to recovery and your personal injury case. Early treatment can prevent long-term problems.” emphasizes Dr. Monfett.

Medical records tell the truth. Medical records backup injuries. These medical records will be the key factor in how much you can recover in your personal injury lawsuit. Having a doctor, following-up with your doctor immediately after an accident is crucial in validating your personal injury claim.

Not all accident victims understand the importance of finishing treatment according to their select doctors requirements. Attending all appointments and following through with treatment only strengthens a personal injury case.

Your attorney cannot ask for compensation for you injuries without first obtaining your medical bills and records as proof that you truly did obtain injuries at the time of the accident.  Proof is needed.

Show How You Have Been Injured

Your medical records prove cases. Your attorney will ask your doctor for help with this part of the case.

“A physician’s office receives requests for medical records in many forms. The records may be sought through a personal request. In this situation, the patient may request the records personally, a non attorney representative of the patient may request the records on the patient’s behalf, or an attorney representative of the patient may request the records. Records may also be requested by the parties to a case as part of a legal proceeding. Records obtained as part of a legal proceeding are most commonly requested in the form of a “subpoena.” Records subpoenas are almost always in the form of depositions on written questions. The purpose of any form of a records request is to obtain a complete and unaltered copy of your medical records on the patient. Additionally, the requesting individual may also want the records provided in a form that makes them authentic and admissible as legal evidence. *3″

Types Of personal Injuries:

Head Injuries (TBI), Spine Injury (paralysis), Organs, Skeletal system (broken bones), Muscular injury (neck injury and back injury), Whiplash, Burns, and Broken bones.

Need a personal Injury doctor in New York:

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