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Recovering From Injury. Runners

Physical therapy for running injuries. Recovering From Injury requires physical therapy under the care of a sports injury specialist. Those die hard runners take their sport very seriously. Once injured go through stages of emotional and physical pain. “When you feel that first hint of nagging pain”, says Dr. Michael Monfett, M.D., a sports physician […] Read More

Road To Recovery Kevin Hart

Road To Recovery After Crash On the road to recovery and back to normal function; Kevin Hart is taking the appropriate steps to fully healing after sustaining major back injuries in his car accident back in September. “He’s in the advanced stage [of recovery], for sure,” Dr. Karena Wu told Us Weekly. “So, the advanced stage, you’re back to normal function and […] Read More

Injection Therapy FAQs

Therapeutic Injections for Pain Management: You have a restless night tossing and turning from back pain, shoulder or hip. You’ve tried everything from icing and taking and over the counter ibuprofen. Nothing seems to work.The pain is now coming in waves and intensifying. It’s probably time to see a doctor. Athletes, individuals with labor intensive […] Read More

Personal Injury Attorneys And Doctors

Personal Injury Doctor MEDICAL RECORDS If you’ve been hurt in an accident, then you would need to start a personal injury lawyer that will best represent you. To help your attorney fight for you, you will need well documented medical records, doctor’s notes and medical bills. These are just a few items necessary to win […] Read More

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