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Car Accident Injuries? Need A Doctor?

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Car Accident Doctor NYC, Manhattan
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What type of doctor should you see after a car accident?

After a car accident the emergency room staff will check if your injuries are life-threatening. If your injury is not deemed life-threatening or require immediate treatment, you will likely be discharged with instructions to follow up with your primary care doctor. Please note, this doesn’t mean you are not injured.

Neck and Spine Pain After a Car Accident

When the vehicle is rear-ended from behind, your neck initially is thrown backward with the same force as the impact and then recoils in a forward direction. This sudden acceleration-deceleration movement stretches the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the neck beyond their limits and can cause significant neck damage and whiplash, a cervical (neck) injury. In addition, the discs between the vertebrae can also be traumatized and break down. This can result in disc herniation.

A disc herniation injury to your spine often occurs from moving vehicle accidents. The stress put on the spinal column in a auto accident can cause a piece of the spinal structure (called a disk) that separates your back bones or vertebrae, to move out of place. These spine injuries are sometimes also called slipped or ruptured disks. These disk structures can push out into the spinal channel and press against spinal nerves, producing severe back pain, neck pain, leg pain and even hand pain. If you experience any kind of pain after a car accident you should see a specialty car accident doctor immediately.

Types of Back Injuries from Car Accident

Motor vehicle accidents happen in New York! Statistics show that on average, 48+ people are injured daily in a car crash. Injured victims include drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists. If you’ve been injured in a auto accident — you need medical care!

You’ve been in a moving vehicle accident or work accident in New York City and you’re injured. Your doctor is just a general practitioner, you may need an injury specialist in New York City who understand accident injuries, knows what to look for and can properly treat such injuries.

Pain management specialists at Skyline PMR located in NYC will evaluate and provide diagnostic testing to determine the best treatment options for your pain and injury. Dr. Monfett, NYC’s top auto injury doctor diagnoses and provides non-invasive treatment for car accident injuries:


Dr. Monfett’ s personal injury services include: Injection Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pain Management in order for an accident victim to recover. Doctor Monfett is highly experienced in treating New York City vehicle accidents injuries.

“The physicians and staff at SkyLine PMR care about you the patient and your full recovery after an accident. We understand that there are invisible injuries after a car accident that can worsen and linger over time if not treated properly. Our staff works regularly with patients to document your injuries.” Say’s Dr. Monfett.

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