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Best Pain Management Doctor in New York

September 2, 2019 | By | In: best pain doctor, best pain management doctor, good doctors, good physicians

Finding The Best Pain Doctor In New York

Dr. Michael Monfett one of the best pain management physicians in New York prides himself in providing his patients with compassionate and one-on-one patient care. Dr. Michael Monfett treats all back pain conditions (disc herniations/sciatica/radiculopathy, arthritis), sports injury, personal injury, and chronic pain conditions through interventional procedures and Regenerative Medicine Using PRP Injections.

Regenerative medicine PRP treatment uses the body’s natural cells and mechanics to heal damaged or painful muscles, tissues, ligaments, and in some cases, bones.

Dr. Michael Monfett one of New York’s Best Pain Management Doctors is able to provide pain relief through spine procedures that include: epidural steroid injections (ESI), facet joint injections, selective nerve root blocks, radiofrequency ablations (rhizotomy) and spinal cord stimulators after a complete exam and treatment plan is provided to patient.

What makes Dr. Monfett one of the best New York pain doctors? You can say Dr. Monfett is all in! He understand his patients. He heals with his head & his heart! Dr. Monfett educates his patients so they are not overwhelmed by what they have Googled!

He gives his patients hope where they can feel more empowered. His compassionate composer eases the patients fears and anxiety brought upon by the stress that their pain has caused them.

Best Pain Management Doctors in New York

Dr. Monfett Best Pain Doctor in NY

He is the advocate that a patient in pain is looking for. A physician that puts them first. The first step is providing the patient with patience, trust and just a listening ear. Good physicians exist and Dr. Monfett is one of the best in New York.

Pain Management Doctors are not magicians. Communication is the key to diagnosing what is causing your pain. Dr. Monfett makes each of his patients a priority, and will listen to the patients opinions and respect their informed decisions.

Doctors, like patients, are human. Dr. Monfett understands that finding the right diagnosis and effective treatment will depend entirely on communication between him and his patient. Individuals with chronic pain are desperate for answers. Coping with pain is a natural way of life. Dr. Monfett suggest you take it slow, breathe, and start the journey of recovery. Recovery meaning getting you pain under control.

“What patients want is our attention,” said Dr Monfett. “The want to be heard and believed. Healing starts with the relationship you have with your doctor. We believe pain is a disease that should be taken seriously.”

If your chronic pain is worsening, then it’s time to ask for a referral to a top pain management specialist like Dr. Monfett. Dr. Monfett will identify the cause of your pain and treat it aggressively with available therapies.

Tendon injuries and nerve damage can eventually develop into a (CPS) Central pain syndrome a rare neurological disorder caused by damage to or dysfunction of the pain-conducting pathways of the central nervous system (in the brain, brainstem, and spinal cord). Addressing your pain early will help prevent further damage and lesser pain.

Therapeutic Injections for Pain Management that include, nerve blocks such as sympathetic nerve blocks or epidural injections may help.

Other treatments may include Physical therapy, muscle relaxants, psychotherapy and behavioral therapy. Lets find out what’s causing your pain by introducing you to one of the best pain management doctors in New York; Dr. Michael Monfett.


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